Networking Protocol types

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Protocols These names get a lot of hearing in the Internet world. Directly the protocols mean that the method of transferring data from a site to a user today you have heard a lot about HTTP and https protocols If you want to know more about this click here.

Networking Protocol types

Networking Protocols

ARP- Address Resolution Protocol
Bitcoin Protocol- Protocol for Bitcoin transactions and transfers on the web
DHCP- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol: Server Port 67, Client Port 68
DNS- Domain Naming System (or Service): Port 53
E6- Ethernet globalization Protocols
FTP- File Transfer Protocol: Port 21
GGP- Gateway-to-Gateway Protocol
HTTP- Hypertext Transfer Protocol: Port 80
HTTPS- HTTP Secure : Port 443
ICMP- Internet Control Message Protocol
IGMP- Internet Group Management Protocol
IMAP- Internet Message Access Protocol: Port 143
MTP- Media Transfert Protocol
NNTP- Network News Transfer Protocol
NTP- Network time Protocols
POP3- Post Office Protocol: Port 110
PPP- Point To Point Protocols
QOTD- Quote Of The Day
RARP- Reverse ARP
RDP- Remote Desktop Protocol: Port 3389
SFTP- Secure File Transfer Protocol
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol: Port 25
SSH- Secure Shell: Port 22
SSL- Secure Socket Layer
TCP- Transmission Control Protocol
Telnet- Port 23
TLS- Transport Layer Security
UDP- User Datagram Protocol

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