Louis Pasteur and Pierre Paul Emile Roux, Rabies

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Louis Pasteur
Pierre Paul Émile Roux

World Rabies day 28th September

Around 200 years ago, things were a village in France A 9-year-old boy heard a scream there This scream was not anyone else but Louise's friend Nicole. Nicole's body was showing all the signs that were seen after cutting a mad dog. After that Nicole died within 1 month. Time passed, and Louis Pasteur became a scientist of France, but he did not forget Nicole's screams, then decided to study on the mad dog. Lewis's companion Roux had his full name Pierre Paul Émile Roux

Now on this, research goes on and many crazy dogs are captured and locked in the pigment and the foam of their mouth is collected and Ejected in healthy dog also go crazy and die within a month. For many days the research went on, there was no dissatisfaction, but Roux said that it affects the brain. This thing should be checked, we should apply injections in the mind of a healthy dog.  but Louise refused to do this.

Now here Lewis goes on holiday, only then Roux placed the injection of the Rabies virus in the brain of a dog. The dog dies within a week instead of a month when Lewis comes back very happy with Roux after many years A dog has been cured, how it happened, it is exactly the same as if we become an immunity in the body after being cold, in the same way, that dog also becomes an antibody against that disease.

Now it was necessary to make the vaccine and now four dogs were given injection of rabies virus. Two of them were injected with antibodies.

Those who were planted, two dogs survived And those who did not get injections died. Now it was necessary to test the person when someone was not ready to test himself, Louise said I'm ready to test this injection on myself. But on the same day, the news came that a boy in a nearby town is Joseph Meister who was bitten by a mad dog, brought to Louise And Lewis healed that boy and that date was on 6 July 1885 Joseph was the first man to recover from rabies. Rabies treatment was found in the way.

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