E-Wallets payment app cashback

1. True Balance

True Balance logo
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If someone's name comes first in the highest cashback app then it is True Balance because it gives a
great cashback.

It's Gold Membership Recharge Policy is very good through which after you recharge up to 500 you become a Gold Member and after that, you can create your own group and recharge it by adding people to it so that you will get a good cashback.

2. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay logo

This app comes on the second number is  Amazon Pay, which gives you great cashback.

3. Phone pay

Phone pay logo

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This app comes at number three and it also gives you great cash back.

4. Google pay

Google pay logo

The app comes on number four. Google pay also gives you a great cashback
However, which service and its customer support are very good on Google and its security is also very high.

5. Paytm

Paytm logo

The app comes on number five. It also gives you a great cashback but in this, you need a promo code to cashback.

It was some e-wallet to pay, which was the best in my eyes, and in terms of giving cash back and giving more good service in terms of payment