How to use Wikipedia and WhatsApp as a search engine group by Duta

I have brought you a great technique for people in which you can create a very good search engine with the help of your WhatsApp group and Wikipedia, in which you can search anything and you will get the latest news and more.  According to the need. Tech new, Bollywood new, football new, world cup and many more Whatever you want. Powered by Duta( and Bing!

To use this feature, you will have to create a Whatsapp group in your WhatsApp, you can create this group by any name or you can give it the name of Wikipedia, you will need to add a number to it, which I will list below.  You have to add a number from that

For lyrics:- +916385082822

WWE :- +16193179947

Fun quiz :- +12063595163

Wiki command :- +916385082852

Personal and relationship advice:- +17062898102

COPA AMERICA Live:- +14807816444

Doctor answering questions:- +919360907231

Moment of the world :- +919360941277

Translate language :- +17206886614

Traffic status:- +917823961233

Bollywood new, trailer, photo:- +14753198269

Hollywood news:- +17573379483

Football :- +919360940012

World cup:- +919360941157

Wiki search :- +61498848742

Wiki search :- +17077089216

Football :- +917825827719

Of these, you can add a number or all of you to your group. If you want more numbers then you can search in the same group. You will continue to get the numbers in the group. Keep adding them to your group according to your need.

How to search in this group?

It is very easy to search for anything in this group, just need to write the wiki before you search the keywords.
Example:- wiki technology
                     wiki football
                     wiki WWE
                     wiki Bollywood
                     wiki Hollywood
And Whatever you want.

Type the number of articles you want to see and send the number related articles. The article will come out to you.


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