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Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

If you too are very much worried about having your luggage stolen and your luggage is stolen while walking in a train bus or somewhere else in public place, then this product is for you. It will keep your belongings very secure and not only that or a smart bag which will help you a lot in charging your phone and doing a lot of work. Due to this, the zip in the bag is attached behind the bag, due to which no one can steal anything from it by opening the zip of your bag. This bag has lots of pockets. In which you can organize your goods very easily in an organic way.

Brand- GODS
Colour- Premium Smooth, Daring Texture, Constellation
Item Width- 15 Centimeters
Item Height- 49 Centimeters
Item Weight- 1.4 Kg
Product Dimensions- 30 x 15 x 49 cm
Item model number- Ghost
Zippers- Heavy-duty YKK zippers
FREE theft Insurance-  Claim up to Rs.2000 in case of product theft/loss. Activation instructions provided inside the product
Waterproof- Water-resistant Polyester Provides superior weather and damage protection
Pocket- ​6​ ​points​ ​stretchable​ ​mechanism provides a snug fit to all laptops up to 13 Inches display

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