How to google decrease or increase CPC

Google CPC

What is CPC?

The full form of CPC is cost per click. Meaning how much money will Google give you for each click. CPC depends on many things.

How does Google increase or decrease CPC?

CPC depends on many things. Many say that CPC depends only on keywords but this is not entirely true. Because Google shows only the ads that users want to see.  Meaning that Google shows ads according to the history of the users. This is why keywords have nothing to do with CPC. CPC depends on two things in particular.

1. Performance Report

What is the performance of your site or YouTube channel and how many visitors are coming to it. and how the bouncer rate is also a big reason. A bounce rate below 50% is considered good. If the performance of your site is not good, then your CPC will automatically come down. 

2. Location of clicks

Which means from where and from which countries are you getting clicks on your advertisements. If the clicks on your site are coming from a developed country, then you will get good CPC. However, it also depends on the companies. But advertisements of good companies will come to your site only when the performance of your site is good. I have written this post based on my experience.

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