Keyless Entry Smart Fingerprint Lock

Entry Smart Fingerprint Lock

This is the time to upgrade yourself. You can use this new lock by replacing your old lock or it is quite smart, secure and safe. Fingerprint is required to open this lock, due to which you do not need to carry the key. So you don't have to worry about losing the key. In this, you can record your fingerprints as well as fingerprints of your family members. Its battery life is also very good. Because of which you will not need to charge again and again.

Brand- Openapp
Colour- Blue, Grey, Teal, Yellow
Material-  Aluminium alloy and Hardened steel
Weight- 236g
Memory-  stubborn memory
Save Fingerprint- Upto 20 Fingerprint
Battery- 3.7V rechargeable Lithium polymer battery
Battery- 150mAh
Battery life- 2 months 
Charging- USB Rechargeable
Indicator- LED Indicator shows battery life
Protection- Protected with Weatherproof Silicone Pouch
Warranty- 1 year