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Interesting Human Body facts | Information

  • Human beings have unique tongue prints like a fingerprint.
  • The tongue is the strongest muscle of the human body. 
  • If a human tongue is dry, it does not have the ability to taste. you can actually try this out by placing some salt on your tongue after it is dry. You would not get the salty taste unless your tongue gets wet using some saliva or water.
  • On average, a person drinks over 30,000 liters of water during their entire lifetime.
  • Approximately fifty million dead cells are shed by a human being every day. That tantamount to a human shedding his own body weight in the form of skin cells.
  • Your fingernails have the capability to grow at a speed of 4 times faster than your toenails.
  • On average, the height of a person increases by 0.6 cm at night.
  • The length of your foot is almost the same as the length of your forearm if it is measured from the wrist to the inside of an elbow.
  • The process of breathing makes us lose about half a liter of water every day. This loss of water takes the form of water vapor that we can see if we breathe on the glass surface.
  • Your body is around 70% water.
  • Men's hair is about twice as thick as women's. 
  • Women are better at smelling than men.
  • The human brain uses about the same amount of power as a ten-watt bulb use.
  • Human brain stops growing when you reach the age of eighteen. After that, it actually loses brain cells every day.
  • Nerve impulses travel to and from the brain at around one hundred and seventy miles per hour. For this reason, when you suddenly get your hands on a hot thing, you remove your hand very quickly. 
  • The mass of the human brain is just 2% from the whole body But the human brain uses 20% of the entire body's oxygen. 

  • Scientists don't know why, but your brain is actually more active when you are asleep than it is when you are awake But maybe that's how you can have such interesting dreams.
  • Brain processes sensation from all other parts of the body But Brain cannot actually feel any pain from itself. The headache comes from the tissues, nerves and blood vessels that around it.
  • Sleep is so important to the brain that scientists believe you can only go eleven days without sleeping before you would die!
  • One brain cell can hold five times as much information as you can find in an encyclopedia, with room to spare.
  • The human brain is 80% water. It's not solid like your bone or body.
  • Your heart beats so strong it could shoot blood 30 feet. This is because It has to push hard to get the blood to every single part of your body.
  • Human stomach acids could dissolve metal. Your stomach and intestines have special linings to protect them from the powerful acids, which your body uses to break down the food you eat so you can use its nutrients. But This does not mean that you start eating metal😛.
  • According to a study, Most of the people hate their own voice on video or audio recording. You can experience it by recording your voice in your phone.
  • Human eyeballs stay the same size from birth to death.👀
  • The nails of the hand that a Human writes grow more quickly than his other hand.

  • If you eat too much then your hearing power may decrease.
  • Human's head, if cut from his body, still survives for about 15 minutes.
  • The weight of human skin is equal to about 12 percent of body weight.
  • A strange condition is known as ‘alien hand syndrome’ can affect people who have suffered brain trauma. This is where someone can feel sensation in their hand as normal, but cannot control it - it moves around seemingly with a life of its own!
  • Your poo is brown because of something called stercobilin, which is produced by bile from your gall bladder being metabolized in your intestines. Without this, it would be white and grey like a bird mess!
  • On average, the Human stomach contains around 100 trillion microbes that help break food.
  • Humans throughout their lifetimes' humans will produce around 10,000 gallons of saliva.
  • Humans throughout their lifetimes.
  • Human teeth begin to form 6 months before birth.

  • Do you know that you become about 1 centimeter long in the morning and your bones get compressed back by night and you come back to your height at night.

  • A quarter of bone in the human body is in feet. 

  • The baby has about 350 bones at birth but in adults, it remains 206 because of some fuse together.

  • There is only one bone that develops in children from birth, it is the smallest bone in the human body, it is in the ear. - the Stapes bone ( also known as stirrup bone)

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