All full forms of computer's Acronym list

Full forms of computer's Acronym


3D - Three Dimensional
3G - 3rd Generation
4G - 4th Generation
5G - 5th Generation
AAC - Advanced audio coding
AC97 - Audio codec 97
ADC - Analog to digital converter
ADSL - Asymmetric digital subscriber line
AI - Artificial intelligence
ALGOL - Algorithmic language
ALU - Arithmetic logic unit
AM - Active monitor
AMR - Adaptive multi-rate
ANSI - American national standards institute
API - Application program interface
ARP - Address resolution protocol
ASCII - American standard code for information interchange
ASI - Asynchronous serial interface
ASP - Active server pages
ASP - Active server pages
ATM - Asynchronous transfer mode OR Automated teller machine
B2S - Business to commerce
BARC - Bhabha atomic research centre
BASIC - Beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code
BCC - Blind carbon copy
BCR - Bar code reader
BER - Bit error rate
Bin - Binary
BINAC - Binary automatic computer
BIOS - Basic input output system
Bit - Binary digit
BLOG - Web log
BMP - Bitmap/basic multilingual plane
BPEL - Business process execution language
BPI - Byte per inch
BPO - Business process outsourcing
BPS - Bits per second
BSNL - Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
CAD - Computer-aided design
CC - Carbon copy
CD - Compact disc
CDMA - Code division multiple access
CDR - Compact disc recordable
CDR/W - Compact disc/write
CDROM - Compact disc read-only memory
CDRW - Compact disc rewritable
CGI - Common gateway interface
CLR - Common language run time
CM - Cache memory
CMOS - Complementary metal oxide semiconductor
COBOL - Common business oriented language
CODEC - Coder-Decoder
COM - Common object mode
COMAL - Common algorithmic language
COMPUTER - Commonly operated machine particularly used in technical and educational research
CPU - Central processing unit
CRT - Cathode ray tube
CSS - Cascading style sheets
CUA - Control user access
DAC - Digital to analog convertor
DAP - Directory access protocol
DBA - Data base administrator
DBMS - Data base management system
DCC - Direct client to client
DFD - Data flow diagram
DFS - Distributed file system
DHTML - Dynamic hyper text markup language
DIVX - Named as a paradoy to DIVX system
DLL - Dynamic link library
DLP - Digital light processing
DMA - Direct memory access
DNS - Domain name system
DOS - Disk operating system
DPI - Dots per inch
DRAM - Dynamic random access memory
DSL - Digital subscriber line/domain specific language
DSN - Database source name
DTP - Desk top publishing
DVD - Digital video disc/digital versatile disc
DVDR - DVD recordable
DVDROM - DVD read only memory
DVDRW - DVD rewritable
DVI - Digital video interactive
DVR - Digital video recordable
EBCDIC - Extended binary coded decimal interchange code
e-Commerce - Electronic commerce
EDI - Electronic data interchange
EDO - Extended data out
EDP - Electronic data processing
EDSAC - Electronic delay storage automatic calculator
EEPROM - Electronically erasable programmable read-only memory
ENIAC - Electronic numerical integrator and computer
EOF - End of file
EPROM - Erasable programmable read only memory
EPROM - Erasable programmable read-only memory
ET- Exabite
EXE -  Executable
FAT - File allocation table
FAX - Far away Xerox
FDC - Floppy disc controller
FDD - Floppy disc drive
FIFO - First in first out
FLAC - Free lossless audio codec
FLOPS - Floating point operation per second
FORTRAN - Formula translation
FPS - Frame per second
FPU - Floating point unit
FS - File system
FTP - File transfer protocol
GB - GigaByte
GIF - Graphics interchange format
GOOGLE - Global organization of oriented group language of eath
GPRS - General packet radio service
GPS - Global positioning system
GSM - Global system for mobile communications
GUI - Graphical user interface
HD - High definition
HDD - Hard disc drive
HLL - High-level language
HP - Hewlett Packard
HPFS - High performance file system
HSM - Hierarchical storage management
HTML - Hyper text markup language
HTTP - Hyper text transfer protocol
HTTPs - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
HTX - Hyper transport expansion
IBM - International business machine
IC - Integrated circuit
IM - Instant message
IMAP - Internet message access protocol
IMEI - International mobile equipment identity
iOS - IPhone operating system
IP - Internet protocol
IRQ - Interrupt request
IS - Information system
ISDN - Integrated services digital network
ISOC - Internet society
ISP - Internet service provider
ISR - Interrupt service routine
IT - Information technology
JAD - Java application descriptor
JPEG - Joint photographic experts group
JS - Java script
JSP - Java server pages
Kb - kilobit
KB - Kilobyte
Kbps - Kilobit per second
KHz - Kilohertz
LAL - Local area network
LCD - Liquid crystal display
LDU - Liquid display unit
LED - Light-emitting diode OR Liquid electronic display

LIFO - Last in first out
LIPS - List processing
LIS - Large scale integration
LLL - Low-level language
LPI - Lines per inch
MAC - Media access control
Mb - megabit
MB - Megabyte
MBPS - Mega bits per second
MBR - Master boot record
MDI - Multiple document interface
MICR - Magnetic ink character recognition
MIDI - Musical instrument digital interface
MIME - Multipurpose internet mail extensions
MIMO - Multiple input multiple output
MIPS - Million instruction per second
MIS - Management information system
MMS - Multimedia messaging service
MP3 - MPEG Layer-3
MP4 - MPEG Layer-4
MPEG - Moving picture experts group
MSN - Microsoft network
NIC - Network interface card
NIO - New input/output
NOS - Network operating system
NTFS - New technology file system
OCR - Optical character reader
ODBC - Open data base connectivity
OLE - Object linking and embedding
OMR - Optical mark reader
OOP - Object oriented programing
OSS - Open source software
P2P - Peer to peer
PAN - Personal area network
PAP - Password authentication protocol
PC - Personal computer
PCL - Printed command language
PDF - Portable document format
PDL - Program design language
PERL - Practical extraction and report language
PGA - Professional graphics array
PING - Packet internet groper
PIO - Programmed input/output
PLA - Programmable logic array
PNG - Portable network graphics
POS - Point of sales
POST - Power on self-test
PPM - Pages per minute
PPP - Point to point protocol
PROLOG - Programming in logic
PROM - Programmable read-only memory
PSTN - Public switch telephone network
PT - Petabyte
QBE - Query by example
QIF - Quicken interchange format
QOS - Quality of service
QRCODE - Quick response code
RAM - Random access memory
RARP - Reverse address resolution protocol
RAT - Remote access trojan
RDBMS - Relational data base management system
RIP - Routine information protocol
RSS - Really simple syndication
RTF - Rich text format
RTOS - Real time operating system
SATA - Serial advanced technology attachment

SEO - Search engine optimization
SIM - Subscriber identification module
SMIL - Synchronized multimedia integration language
SMPS - Switch mode power supply
SMS - Short message service
SMTP - Simple mail transfer protocol
SNMP - Simple network management protocol
SNOBOL - String oriented symbolic language
SOAP - Small object access protocol
SOS - Send out succor OR Save our souls
SP - Service pack
SQL - Structured query language
SQL - Structured query language
SRAM - Static random access memory
SSL - Secure sockets layer
SVG - Scalable Vector graphics
TB - Terabytes
TCP - Transmission control protocol
TDMA - Time division multiple access
TFT - Thin film transistor
TIFF - Tagged image file format
UAC - User account control
UDP - User datagram protocol
UI - User interface
UL - Upload
ULSI - Ultra large scale integration
UNIVAC - Universal automatic computer
UPS - Uninterrupted power supply
URI - Uniform resource identifier
URL - Uniform resource locator
URN - Uniform resource name
USB - Uniform serial bus
UTP - Unshielded twisted pair
VAR - variable
VB - Visual basic
VBR - Variable bit rate
VCD - Video Compaq disk
VDD - Virtual device drive
VDS - Visual basic script
VDU - Visual display unit
VGA - Video graphics array
VIRUS - Vital information resources under seize
VLAN - Virtual local area network
VLC - Video lan client
VLSI - Very large scale integration
VM - Virtual memory
VOIP - Voice over internet protocol
VPN - VIrtual private network
VRAM - Video random access memory
VSNL - Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited
VT - Video terminal
WAP - Wireless application protocol
Wi Max - Worldwide interoperability for microwave access
Wi-fi - Wireless fidelity
WLAN - Wireless local area network
WLL - Wireless local loop
WMA - Windows media audio
WMA - Wireless media audio
WMV - Windows media video
WORM - Write once read only memory
WPA - Wi-Fi protected access
WWAN - Wireless wide area network
WWID - World wide identifier
WWW - World wide web
WWW - World wide web

XBL - XML Binding language
XHTML - eXtensible hyper text markup language
XML - eXtensible markup language
XNS - Xerox network service
XUL - XML User interface language
YT - Yottabyte
ZAW - Zero administration for window
ZB - Zettabyte
ZIFS - Zero insertion force socket
ZIP - Zone information protocol
ZISC - Zone instruction set computer
ZMA - Zone multicast address
ZNA - Zone network administration

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