Essay on pollution OR The Problem of air, water and noise Pollution

The Problem of air, water and noise Pollution





The meaning of pollution is the contamination or dirtying of the environment with harmful or poisonous substances. The fresh air and pure water we used to get, is polluted now. This is all because of negligence and carelessness.

Kinds of pollutions:

There are mainly three kinds of pollution. The increasing number of factories and industries is the one source which is causing pollution of air, water, and noise. The waste products of these factories go into the drains, canals, and rivers through pipes. This makes their water toxic and dirty. Smoke from their chimnies fills the air with dangerous gases. Noise from the machines and sirens create noise pollution. Increasing the number of vehicles on the road result in noise air pollution.

The harm caused by pollution OR effects:

Human activities are polluting our atmosphere. Pollution means Spoiling of air, soil, water or countryside by waste produced by living things was used by other living things. But today, people produce more waste than nature can cope with. Thus the problem of pollution in the cities has become grave.
The modern man may be proud of the progress he is making in every sphere of life but this he is achieving at a great price. The fresh air and pure water which we were used to getting, are polluted now. This is all because of negligence and carelessness. The increasing number of factories and industries is the one major source which is causing all the three kinds of pollution, that is, of water, air and noise. The waste products of these factories go into the canals and rivers through pipelines and otherwise, thus making their water toxic and unfit for use. Smoke coming out of the chimneys of factories makes the air full of dangerous gases, and noise of the machines and sirens creates noise pollution. Countries in the West are taking the problem seriously but in India, no strong measure have been taken to tackle this problem. The harmful effects of these pollutions will prove disastrous to the coming generations.

Car and factories pour smoke and fumes into the air. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides kill wild plants and animals. Poor sewage disposal and spilled oil make seas and rivers filthy. So we find pollution piling up all around in a big way.

Increasing the number of vehicles on the roads results in both, the air and the noise pollutions. The vehicles give out smoke which is directly inhaled by the people and this causes many diseases. The noise produced by the automobiles and their blaring horns may gradually make people deaf.

Another main thing which exploits nature and pollutes it is cutting down of trees. It affects almost everything directly or indirectly. When there would be no trees, it would not be possible to hold the soil. Due to soil erosion, the fertile soil would flow down with rainwater making the fields barren. Lesser trees would result in lesser fruits and lesser paper products and so on. Photosynthesis by the trees keeps the carbon dioxide-oxygen balance but to the cutting of trees that would be disturbed, thus polluting the air we breathe in. Deforestation also leads to food contamination. There is one more serious problem related to pollution. The excess of chloro-fluoro-carbons in air leads to depletion of the ozone layer which protects the earth from ultra-violet radiations of the sun.

Much of air pollution is due to the burning of fossil fuels by industry, but the worst sources of air pollution are the engines that power motor vehicles. The release carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas in the atmosphere. So is smoke that contains chemicals to irritate the eyes and make breathing difficult, which is another cause of air pollution. So is the acid rain.

Mountains of garbage in solid waste dumps surround us in our metropolitan cities. Smaller heaps are common sight in other cities and towns. Even if buried, these dumps can still pose problems. Wastes ooze out of them to poison soil and water.

Now, how to get over the problem of pollution, is everybody's worry. Law is being passed to prevent water pollution. But laws cannot be enough. Man must feel responsibility and should not do anything to pollute water. Use of low sulphur fuel and emission control can reduce air pollution.

As regards soil pollution, only recycling which allows materials to be used again seems to be its real solution. Above all, a general awakening should be created among people to fight against pollution. Each countryman must plant a new tree on his birthday and feel delighted.


Government is doing a lot of efforts to fight pollution by the cooperation of people is a must. A movement should be started on al large scale to control devastation from pollution. If this pollution is not checked in time, it will lead to greater health hazards to human beings. It can be checked to a great extent by planned and balanced industrialisation. Urbanization should also be balanced. Industrial waste should be properly dumped and suitable chemicals should and people should be encouraged to grow more and more trees in their neighbourhood.   

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