Event blogging script download for blogger normal and pro script

Event blogging script

Event blogging script दो प्रकार की होती है normal  script इसमें आप सिर्फ किसी को अपनी script  के जरिये wise  कर सकते है इसमें script के साथ आपका नाम send  नहीं होगा इसमें सिर्फ script send होती है दूसरी होती है pro  स्क्रिप्ट इसमें आप अपना नाम भी send कर सकते है जिसे wise करना चाहते है मैने आपको दोनों दी है जो चाहे उसे करे |
Event blogging script is of two types: normal script You can just make someone wise with your script, in which your name will not be sent with the script, only the script send is in it, the other is the proscript. Whoever wishes to be wise, You can also send your name in this. I have given you both, whatever he wants to do.

How to use -

first, you download script click here

 Open your script in any editor like notepad ++

paste your analytic code 

and paste your ad code

you can customize  according to your events by replacing only image URLs 

keep in mind that you do not forget to remove my site URLs  By your site URLs 

2. This is pro script download this script click here
and you edit this script as above script edit 

earn money.

3. Now your script is ready to go to your blog theme and scroll down select Edit theme HTML and delete already install the theme and paste your theme.

make sure you off change NavBar and save theme.