Interesting facts animal

Interesting facts animal 


Interesting facts animal

You know peacock is the national bird of India and Sri Lanka. But you know that peacock doesn't lay eggs. So how do they get their babies?
Because peacocks are male thus they do not lay eggs. Female peafowl is called peahens and they do lay eggs. Peafowl is the common name.


Interesting facts animal

Snakes can sense other animals approaching by detecting faint vibrations in the air and on the ground.
many people think snakes can see but snakes eyes are weak but it can feel the heat of any animal on their tongue. And they can not even hear.

Polar bear

Interesting facts animal

The polar bear is many found in the Arctic ocean. They are big animal and an adult polar bear weight maybe 450 kg. If you eat a polar bear liver, you will die. Humans can't handle that much of Vitamin A.  Under their fur, Polar bears have black skin. Though they're mostly solitary, polar bears do like play together and male polar bears as having "well-developed friendships"



Sloth is known for its slow pace and slow digestive system, its digestive system is so slow that it takes two weeks to digest its food, so its speed is slow so that it can save its energy. They spend almost all their life on the tree, they only come to the ground for some time. Sloths don't have claws. Their fingers and toes are actually bones surrounded by a thin layer of keratin, the same protein in our nails.

Regal Horned Lizard

Regal Horned Lizard
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Lizard is mostly found in the desert and rocky terrain, it mainly eats an ant. Its skin is very hard so ant cannot harm it. You know that whenever an animal wants to eat it. Then the lizard sprays the blood on the animal with its eyes sides and gives it a chance to escape from the hunter and this lizard can drink water from its skin.



There are over 5,000+ species and frogs do not need to drink water because they absorb it through their skin. Some frogs can jump over 20 times their own body length and Only male frogs can croak female have no vocal chords, because they do not need to croak to attract males. Each year during hibernation develops a ring(just like trees🌲) Scientists use these rings to determine a frog's age.

Some other interesting facts about animal and information↴

  • Bats are the only mammals on the earth that have the ability to fly.
  • cats have as many as thirty-two muscles in each of the ears.
  • Koala Bears survive by eating only Eucalyptus leaves. They do not eat anything else. 
  • The teeth of a beaver do not stop growing and thus they continuously need to gnaw on objects to wear them out so that their length is manageable.
  • Female kangaroos are known to have 3 vaginas.

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