Nigeria whatsapp group link

Nigeria WhatsApp group link 

I provide you the Nigerian WhatsApp group link. Simply you tap on the link and join which would you like. there is a Nigerian  WhatsApp group link. If you want to list your WhatsApp group link then scroll down and click on the WhatsApp submission link and fill the form and submit your link.OR comment your WhatsApp group link in the comment box. 
Remember that also give the country name in the form then I will list your group that country post.

If any WhatsApp group has been closed, Please tell me its name in the comment below So that I can remove that WhatsApp group link from my post as soon as possible.↴

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Nigeria Singles Forum

This is the best WhatsApp group for singles who wants to have a lasting relationship with their significant other. This is the group to find that girl/lady or man/boy ❤️💞 Here we preach about love ❤️😍💑 and nothing more The following are not welcome here 😡😡🙅‍♂️ 1. Explicit content of any form 2. No abusive or offensive language will be accepted 3. Advert of any kind is not allowed in this group ❌❌ ✅▶️The security of our members in here are our upmost concern this is where single ladies are free to join to find love. As we run a very secured group. Note: this group is meant for only Nigerians as non-nigerians will be removed immediately.

FPL Updates 2021/22

Fantasy Football Competitions for FPL managers Post No Adverts Only FPL related Post Only Nigerians

All - Crypto

Forsage BUSD Millionaires

China pre-order group

Africgold dailypay

Make Money Online

* Do not spam the group. * Do not try to scam any group member * For Nigerians only

Kelvyn boy free odds


USA & NIGERIA Learn how to make money(passive income), crypto trading, giveaway and cashout big💰💰💰📈📉 Entertainment Hookups etc

Team Achievers(TRX)

Spamming, advert placement, unguided comments nor improper behavior is not tolerated in here. Stickers are not accepted in this group, only emojis You are advised to strictly adhere to the rules, failure to do so leads to automatic removal. Please let’s be guided Stay tuned for the class by 8:00pm daily Team Achievers(TRX) Nigeria 🇳🇬

Crypto Minds

1k millionaire platform


NIGERIA 🇳🇬🇳🇬 ..This is not a group but a channel,we update your status and kill boredom Just send us a DM

Relationship talks

The church of Christ's FAMILY

Become Nigerian VTU VENDOR


*Group Rules*📢📢📢 1. ❌No sharing of Adverts or links(If you are found guilty of this you will be immediately santioned by being removed and other further punishment) 🔈 2.❌ Dont use abusive languages on any member. 👉Else risk being removed 3. ❌Dont pull any action that seems fraudulent. We are a honest community and will not tolerate such. 👉Else risk being removed 5. To ask questions or get registered, contact any of the admins. If the group is open, you can simply indicate with any decent emoji and you will be granted audience. 6.Share testimonies with the group when you earn.💰💰💰. We are a team and like to celebrate everyone. 7. If you have challenges pm me and I will get you sorted out.🤷‍♂️ 8. Weekly, we will remove spies, inactive and uninterested members of this group to create space for more. These rules should be strictly adhered to. NB: This is an active and interactive group. Share your comments. Pls ask questions, share concerns, have an input NIGERIA


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Hustler Kabba

Crypto Updates

Starplus datahub

Stevex Graphic Tutorial

Forebet sure odds

Stevex Graphic Tutorial

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86Z Football Platform

Just Vibe


Let's cum together

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Nasty chat


G📿orgeous subjectivë

Only Nigeria💯 No spamming No posting of business stuff Only Nigerians🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 Girls and boy 15-18only Just for fun Make new friends and enjoy

Unlimited Loading money 💰

Only Nigerian Account can get loading money 💰

History Castle TV

Music Music 🎶

Salvation and Deliverance Ministry

Blogging Tips

Social media growth

RCCG group

New yahoo boys format


Relationship Hookups

No private chat. Only admins are allowed to do hookup. Only send your name, sex, age, location, occupation and your spec. We gonna link you up with the perfect match. Note: charges fee of #2000 is applied for serious hookup. Nigeria




My Online Earning League

1. No hate speech 2.No disclosure of personal issues 3.Must be serious minded Nigeria

Lovecoin PROJECT 2021

Nigeria Latest business opportunities

870 hacker

The group is meant for aspirants of any institution In Nigeria

Have you ever been searching for a reliable platform to get update concerning your chosen institution? Then worry no more because we got you covered😋 Join my group below for daily updates, 👇👇👇👇 *FROM THE NGUNIVERSITIES TEAM.*
Fixed Match Payment After Win Games


Gifting and Re-gifting Club

Always keep to the purpose of the group, don’t share irrelevant messages about other topics. Don’t spam the group. If you would like a group to share memes, adverts or deals with then set one up for that exact purpose and invite others to join. Don’t be offended if others leave. Do politely excuse yourself before you leave a group. Post your message in one single chunk of text, don’t post every word or sentence in a new message. If you’re lurking in a group chat and ‘seeing’ every message, occasionally respond with *something* to remove the stalker vibe that inevitably develops. Try not to have long one-on-one conversations in the group. Switch to private messages. If someone asks a question and you don’t know the answer don’t respond with “I don’t know”. Just wait for someone who knows the answer to reply. This Group is only available to people living in Nigeria.


Gain 200 contact free

Teens for christ

Nigeria The group rules include : No posting of nudes of any kind No violence or harsh words should be used No ghost members allowed And above all, the admins have every right to remove you from the group if you fail to obey the rules

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

What will it do for you if you can get an extra income of 150k a month or even in a week? Maybe you're an average Nigerian and you want to know how to make an extra N150,000 monthly or weekly Or you already have a job but the money from it is not enough and you just need a side hustle that earns you a minimum of N150,000 monthly I want to congratulate you for coming across this group invite. Click on the link and have your seat because you've just discovered a Gold Mine. As soon as you arrive in the group please send the admin a dm Thank you P.S:Please take note,This group is only for Nigerians.

Sun's collection


Partner with us-MYBONUS

- No posting of any link - strictly for those who want to make money online everyday - is strictly to Nigerian

The group is strictly for unilorin Aspirants and posting of irrelevant topic aside from unilorin is prohibited.....Nigeria

about unilorin as an aspirants. Join my group below for daily updates, Unilorin gist, Admission discussions and more. *FROM THE NGUNIVERSITIES TEAM.*

Musician only

Just Smile 🤣💓


Sugar mummy and daddy




A-MOMENT-WITH-CJFR is an educative and fun platform design to help in building and solving relationship issues, self and business development / growth. And stand for the best interest and well-being of one another.. >The one primary rule< Sharing of links in this platform is highly prohibited and such attempt leads to straight removal. If have any link that contains needful information that you feels that's necessary to pass across! Please contact the admin for approval, Thanks (Nigeria).

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Royal Beauty Essentials

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Okopoly whatsapp group

Hacking zone


COUNTRY: Nigeria. RULES: - Strictly for Gospel Music Related Activities; - No posting of porn; - No posting of Adverts;


Rules: No adverts are allowed! No sexual content is allowed! No bad language is allowed! No hostile and abusive behaviour is allowed!

Anyone can post Airdrop and crypto MINING link (Nigeria)

Werner Legit Updates🤮💰✌️

Property market place

S.O int'l Spelling Bee


Airdrops group

High Income Tools

Instaboost instagram gainz

Nigerians and south africa WhatsApp group ,, Note : note if you are not from this countries listed above don't join as you will be removed AsAp



My bonus family

Only no porn,no nude,only business for nigerians

N45,000 ($90) per month


This Is What The House Is All About👇👇👇 WE ARE CALLED CLUB £6380. We Come Together to Form a Community Wheel Comprising 56 People. On this Wheel there are 7 CORE PEOPLE. Once the Wheel is Filled it is then DIVIDED INTO 7 GROUPS Comprising 8 People Each. The 7 CORE PEOPLE are the Leaders of these SEVEN GROUPS, and the 8 People in each group make payment of N6,500 to their Leader. ONCE THAT IS DONE, a NEW WHEEL is formed and those who paid #6500 will Form NEW 7 CORE PEOPLE. Those who Received #6500 from 8 people will Re-gift #32,500 to their up line. THIS IS THE BREAKDOWN BELOW. AFTER PAYING #6500, WEEK1. 8 PEOPLE PAY YOU BACK #6500 = #52,000 YOU KEEP #19,500 and REGIFT #32,500 Week2. 8 PEOPLE PAY YOU #32500 = #260,000 YOU KEEP #97,500 and REGIFT #162,500 Week3. 8 PEOPLE PAY YOU #1,300,000 YOU KEEP #910,000 and REGIFT #390,000 WeeK4. 8 PEOPLE PAY YOU #390,000 = #3,120,000 AND THE PROGRAM STOPS HERE. TOTAL AMOUNT YOU EARN within 4-6weeks = #19,500 + #97,500 + #910,000 + #3,120,000 = #4,147,019

Nigerian Free China Importation group

Meet Ghana girls

*Do you need girls 👭 around you or her phone number you can see it on our status on Whatsapp* *Don't missed tonight giveaway* *and Do you like to view very sweet things on your whatsapp status?* it's OK but click
Unique Importation Hubs

English Guides 2

You must be ready to respect other person's in the group regardless of their level of the English language. Don't post non-related articles, Bcs to the group.



Nigeria Group Update Kingdom Group 💱🤑💳💵 Carefully read the rules and regulations to avoid being kicked out of this group... WELCOME TO UPDATE KINGDOM.. 1. No Spamming in group 2. Read well be4 you Dm the admin. 4. Don't keep silent in group, contribute ideas and work when others are working 5. Only serious and mature people are needed here,when we find any unserious person here,he or she would be removed from the group by the admin... Failure to comply to this rules,He or she would be removed..

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Loadedwaves share music

Rules: 1. No adult content 2. Spammy links are not allowed 3. No abusive words to be used during conversation.


No spamming or posting group meant for sales only Nigeria 🇳🇬

Skills acquisition program

No spamming or use of violent words.

Skills Acquisition Program 2

*This group is for Nigerians only, * Spam messages won't be accepted * This group is strictly for those who are ready to start up something for themselves *usage of violent words won't be tolerated *failure to comply with the group lead to automatic removal.

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Unilag update



Crypto & Legit updates

Nigerian Sugar Daddies

Home of fun

Jokes In Nigeria

Online marketing

Nigeria Ghana


Strictly on Recharge and get paid Business in Nigeria.

Earning Money

No negative languages .Nigeria

Sure fixed games

Only admins can send message NIGERIA

Make money


Molten Mix Music Page

For Freebeats and you can also request for your private Instrumental Nigeria

Pre order with bolaji

Serious members only and Nigeria

Online Hustle

Online Hustle Tv

Nigeria Rules: just be happy

Airdrop free money

Do not post nudes, Nigeria

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Thomehxkit GIVEAWAY

Benzy Empire Collections

Mega-Mind Entertainment


No other post is ALLOWED except buying and selling of FOOD STUFFS in Northern Nigeria. We can help you to sell your foodstuffs and also buy for you. We sell Palm oil, groundnut oil, cashew nuts, melon, Garri etc we do exportation as well but on payment agreement. You are welcome This is not limited to Nigeria only. As soon as you join the group IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU INTRODUCE YOURSELF AND YOUR THE PRODUCTS YOU NEED. NO OTHER BUSINESS EXCEPT BUYING AND SELLING.

Unilorin Aspirants 2

Join any group on your own responsibility

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