Health and Care WhatsApp group link

Health and Care WhatsApp group link

As you all know, health and care are very important in today's time.  You can also take care of your health and care through the WhatsApp group.  You will find many WhatsApp group links related to health and care in this post, by joining them, you can get information about your health and care. And take good care of your body and also improve your health.

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Holistic Health

Indian group to aware people about various alternate ways to heal yourself.

Personal workout plans


🧘‍♂️Brahmacharya➳is a concept within Indian religions that literally means "conduct consistent with Brahman" or "on the path of Brahman". In Yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism it generally refers to a lifestyle characterized by sexual continence or abstinence.🧘‍♂️


Are you a women ? Boys stay away


Are you a women ? Boys stay away

Meditation Quotes

Only Admin can post.

Fitness and diet

Sajna Jee Cooking Time

Only For Food And Cooking Posts

Health is wealth

Only indians are allowed. Anyone not can send wrong things in the group. Respect the group admin. Never message personally to admin. Don't fight in the group. Don't type wrong words in the group because it group is made for india

Skincare and beauty tips



natural healing no pain


Fitness First

Zakat (Ramadan 2020)

Love Health


Child Nutrition

Join only if you are looking for Healthy Diet & Lifestyle for your kids

ڈاکٹرسجاد گروپ

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