Religious WhatsApp group links

Religious WhatsApp group links

Religious WhatsApp group links

In this post of mine you will find WhatsApp group links related to all religions.  You can join any WhatsApp group link.  Whichever religion you are from, do you want to know about any religion. In this post, you will find WhatsApp group links of all religions from all over the world, by joining the day you can connect with the whole world and take information from them.

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Astrology | Jotish

Radha krishna spiritual group

This group is created for daily spiritual updates, Daily mangal arati darshan,bhagat gita verse,bhagavatam katha, spiritual videos,spiritual qouets. 🙏🙏DEAR FRIENDS MOST WELCOME TO RADHA KRISHNA GROUP ..GET DAILY SPIRITUAL UPDATES 🙏🙏 join and share with friends and family to get daily spiritual posts.🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare RamaRama Rama Hare Hare🌸🌷🌺🙏🙏🙏. chant and be happy...🙏

bhagwan buddha swami Vivekananda

Jai shri Krishna

In this group, you will not abuse anyone, nor will you post anything wrong, you can post religious and send photos videos related to God, there will be no propagation of any sect. India

बक्सर के राम टीम बिहार

भगवान राम भक्त ओनली


*⚜🚩समिति का उद्देश्य*🚩⚜ *⛳👉🏻सनातन धर्मरक्षक समिति* का मुख्य उद्देश्य है कि हिंदुओं को अपने सनातन से अवगत कराना....!! हिंदुओं को हिंदुत्व के बारे में वह जानकारी देना, जिससे वो अपने सनातन के महत्व और सनातन धर्म की महिमा के बारे में जान सकें.... और अपने धर्म के प्रति सही मायनों में जागरूक हो सकें...!! जिससे हम अपने सनातन को अगले करोड़ों वर्षों तक जैसा का तैसा जीवित रख पायें...!! ⚜🕉⛳🕉⚜

Astrology Gurus & Seekers

Astrology is the great Indian technology for the welfare of mankind. India has a rich history of Astrology. Astrologers are people who after extensive research, scientific and historic observations over these things can predict the future and determine the destiny with the help of these planets.* The Ayurvedi astrology tells about health and wellbeing; and a professional Ayurvedic and Vedic astrologers can predict in which period a man or woman can have a physical problem according to their planetary period, and most of the Ayurvedic and Siddha doctors are using this method. Astrology is one of the most profound sacred sciences known to man. Since the dawn of civilization the stars and planets have been used as celestial guides for human affairs. ‘Vastu Shastra’ or the ‘Science of Architecture’ is a form of traditional Hindu architecture. It is considered as a part of Astrology’s third stream called ‘Sanghita’ or ‘Collection’. Vastu concerns itself with space, time and architecture while Astrology works with time, making the blend of both an important influence in human life. *Astrology can reveal one's life purpose, one's ascension path, and provide tremendous clarity on all matters of love, family, health, career, finance, education, experience, and of course, spirit. It offers solutions to life's most difficult, seemingly hopeless challenges as well as revealing pathways to manifesting abundance and success at spectacular levels. It empowers individuals by helping them understand their inherent strengths and potentials that they may embrace and develop them with vigor. There is nothing hidden under the heavens and nothing that one can't understand through the luminous lens of Astrology.* This group is meant for two kind of people. 1. Who wants to contribute to the life of others through astrology 2. Who are interested in knowing more about astrology and manage their good life, relationships, health, career, finance and success with the support of astrology. To maintain uniformality, consistency and quality of contents for group members, only administrators can put sharing in the group. *The seekers are also given opportunity to Join astrology classes and earn qualifications. Such trainings are provided by acclaimed mentors and guides having decades of experience. Many times seeker are given opportunity to seek consult for free on special events and occasions. Such announcements are made in group time to time.* If you want to communicate or share, just submit your post to administrators and they will forward in this group. If you want to take support of any of mentors, guides and consultants, you can send message privately or individually. *You are invited to be member of this group for making astrology as part of your life and get best out of it for your great life.*

Lord Shiva

🙏यादव युवा संगठन 🙏

1) कोई भी गाली नही बोलेगा 2) सिर्फ यादव भाई लोग Join हो 3) कोई भी एक दुशरे को गली या Religion के उपर नही बोलेगा 🙏आपका स्वागत है ग्रुप मे 🙏

Zen Meditation

गर्व से कहो हम भारतीय है

हिंदी भाषीय केवल भारतीयों को ही समूह में लिया जाता है, कोई एडल्ट पोस्ट, विज्ञापन, हिंसात्मक, धर्म आधारित या फिर स्पैम पोस्ट स्वीकार नहीं किये जाते ऐसा करने पर तत्काल ग्रुप से बाहर करने का नियम है

Dhan Guru Nanak

only. Sikhi.


बक्सर के भगवान राम दिल्ली


सनातन धर्म

Hindu 🕉️🕉️🚩🚩🙏🙏


Hare krisna hare krisna

Sai mandir sonia vihar

God & Philosophy

Gaur gopal das motivation

Only admins can send msgs

What is Baha'i?

Civility on the part of all participants. Worldwide


You contribute bible relevant information.share and ask questions

Daily Bread Devotion

"Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God." Matthew 4: 4. It is this word that is shared. In this group we share daily readings, reflections and good night messages from Fr. Eustace Siame, SDB; based in Rome, Italy.




Jesus world

House of evangelists

This group is strictly for evangelists all over the world and those who sense the call of an evangelist all countries are welcomed

Discipleship Matters

Christian based wholesome content, prayer request and meeting new freinds in Christ internationally - South Africa

Fishers of men Ev. Mini.

Strictly for Promoting The Good news about Jesus


No nude pictures , No junk post, No insults, No Racism , Ask as many questions as you can,

Prayer+Bible study

Interfaith Conversations

Christians children funds

The Eagles

No insults, profane and abusive words and no pornographic videos, images allowed. Strictly words of wisdom and inspiration.


💞💞മടങ്ങാം മദീനയിലേക്ക്💞💞

Sawad e Azam

Muslims from any country through out the entire world can join

Monthly Hadees reminder

Only ismaic baatein only deeni post only Indian members allowed in this group

❤😍ماہِ صیام اللہ سے رابطہ کا نام🥰❤

Group rules are: 1. Indians not Allowed. 2. Non-Muslims not Allowed. 3. Non-Islamic talks not Allowed. 4. No Firka wariyat. 5. No politics. 6. Do respect of other group members take respect from others. 7. Bad videos, stickers, pics, gifs or other such kind of bad materials are totally banned. 8. Only Islamic Things are allowed. 9. If you follow the rules I will respect you more. 10. If you break anyone rule of this group you will removed without any warnings.

Let's Maximize Our Ramadan

*✨Let's Maximize Our Ramadan✨* 📌 Ramadan Islam Reminders​​ 🖍️ Juz Highlights 💎 Gem from Juz 🤲🏻 One Dua from Juz 📜 Word by Word Translation of Dua 📋 Summary Notes of Juz 💡Tips to Make the Most of Our Ramadan! and much more... We will ان شاءالله share from Every Juz to help us implement 👍🏻 📍One Juz A Day 🗓️

اسلامی تعلیمات

اصول وضوابط (1) جو بهی پوسٹ کئے جائیں اس گروپ کے نام کو ذہن میں ملحوظ رکھ کر کئے جائیں (2) سیاسی خبروں کو شیئر نہ کریں إلا یہ کہ مسلمانوں کے اہم مسائل ہوں۔ (3) سنی سنائی باتیں قطعی نشر نہ کریں۔  (4) واٹس ایپ گروپ کا لنک شیئر کرنا سخت منع ہے (5) بغیرحوالے کی کوئی بات جو دین کی طرف منسوب ہو کہیں بھی شیئر نہ کریں۔ (6) فضول چیزوں کے متعلق بات چیت، غیرضروری چیٹ ، سے اجتناب کریں (7) قرآن وحدیث سے مزین پوسٹ شیئرکرنا ہی ہمارا اہم ہدف ہے ،اس ہدف کی تکمیل میں ہمارے لئے دست تعاون دراز کریں۔

Al-Qur'an, & Land Waqf


*ISLAMIC SCHOLARS STATUSES* We upload Status Videos of Professional Islamc Scholars. ہم پروفیشنل اسلامی سکالرز کی سٹیٹس وڈیوز اپلوڈ کرتے ہیں. *Allama Dr Suleman Misbahi Sahib* *Allama Raza Saqib Mustafai Sahib* *Allam Dr Abdullah Asif Mustafai Sahib* *Allam Khadim Hussain Rizvi Sahib* *Allam Ajmal Raza Qadri Sahib* *Peer Naser Ul deen Naseer Sahib* *علامہ ڈاکٹر سلیمان مصباحی صاحب* *علامہ رضا ثاقب مصطفائی صاحب* *علامہ ڈاکٹر عبداللہ آصف مصطفائی صاحب* *علامہ خادم حسین رضوی صاحب* *علامہ اجمل رضا قادری صاحب* *پیر نصیرالدین نصیر صاحب* *Group Link:*


دین کی باتیں

اسلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللہ وبرکاتہ یہ گروپ اسلامی تعلیمات کی ترویج کے لیے بنایا گیا ہے ہر قسم کی اسلامی پوسٹ کرنے کی اجازت ہے کوشش کریں کے صرف ایسی پوسٹ پر اکتفا کریں جس میں اصلاح کا پہلو نمایاں ہو شکریہ

Islamic Way Of Life

Islamic knowledge


Telawat quran (Husany Quran)

Islamic group

India Bangladesh

Learn online Quran academy


Hassan Latif

Namaaz e Haqiqat

Religion of God

Dr Israr Ahmed

Only for quran lovers who learn the quran join this group and shre the link now. Jazak Allah



Ullama e islam

News Islam - 7

Nishat e sania


Peer nasero din naseer

Join any group on your own responsibility

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