How to make twitter post card image for blogger

What is the Twitter card?

When you tweet the link to your blog post on Twitter, it looks something like this that I have pasted in the screenshot below.

If you tweet this kind of link to Twitter, hardly anyone's attention will go to it and read your post.

That's why the Twitter card is used so that your posts look good on twitter and the chances of clicking on them also increase. large image twitter card looks like this.

Twitter cards are of two types



It also shows a small picture along with the summary.



Something looks like that. and if anyone clicks on the card then redirect to your blog/site.

Summary_image code

code is given below in the box simply click on the copy button and copy all the code and paste on your notepad.

Summary_large_image code

In the above type of Twitter card type, whatever type you like, you can put the code in your Blogger Template

You will have to make some changes before putting the code in your Blogger/site template.

Copy the code and paste it into Notepad and change the changes I've mentioned below.

  • YOUR_LOGO_URL  change with your logo image link ( upload your high-quality logo image in any new post and copy the link)
  • @username change with your username ( like this @achalup41 )

And after you copy that code, you insert that code above the closing head tag (</head>) of your Blogger template. and save theme.

After you copy the link to any post, you can check in Twitter Validator.

Twitter Validator

and now you can post your link in twitter with clickable image card.

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